1. The idiomatic phrase “Spick and Span” means?

Wisdome and foresight

Watch the weather

spotlessly clean

Deceive somebody

2. What do you mean by Novel ___________ ?

Short prose

A long fictional prose with many characters

A short narrative prose

A literary work on the stage

3. What the term Short Story stands for:

A long prose fiction

A story of figurative language

A story of many characters

A short prose fiction

4. To”Jazz Up” means to___________?

Go faster

Make something more exciting

Make a lot of noise

Be Strong

5. “All Hours” means___________?

At Regular Times

At Irregular Times

Every Hour

None of these

6. Idiom “A slap on the wrist” means?

Hard Punishment

Beating Someone

Warning or Small Punishment

Make someone sad

7. Idiom “To cut long story short” means?

Tell the story briefly

Come to the point

Miss the main points

None of above

8. “En-route” means_________?

oneway direction

On the way

Long distance

None of these

9. Idiom ” To make amend for” means___________?

Make possible effort

To compensate for damage

To bring chance in something

None of these

10. “Brain Drain” means__________?

Mad Person

Migration Of Skilled Person To Other Country

Emigration Of Intellectuals


11. The idiom “To burry the hatchet” mean?

To make peace

To make a foolish choice

To make a wrong decision

To lose something

12. Idiom “Tie the knot” means?


Getting married



13. The Government ruled by Women is called?

Petticoat government



None of these

14. “Hold one’s horse” means__________?

Keep one’s expectations

Keep one’s gift

Have patience

High on energy

15. “Give cold shoulder” means__________?

To support

Cold meat

To ignore


16. To catch a tartar means:

To meet with disaster

To catch a dangerous person

To deal with a person who is more than one’s match

None of above

17. To make clean breast of means

To gain prominence

To praise oneself

To destroy before it blooms

To confess without of reserves

18. She turned heads wherever she went. What does the idiom/phrase “turn heads” mean?

too pleased

get angry

attract a lot of attention

not knowing what to say

19. My friend is a couch potato. What does the idiom/phrase “couch potato” means?

active person

busy person

lazy person

angry person

20. He Was all at sea when he began his new Job.What does idiom / phrase “at sea” means __________?





21. She goes to her mother’s house off and on. What does idiom / phrase “off and on” means





22. “Feel blue” means _________?

Feel Sad

Feel happy

Feel energetic

Feel angry

23. “Fender bender” means ________ ?

A mammoth car accident

A Huge car accident

A small car accident

A major car accident

24. “Black and blue” _____________ ?

Full of bruises

A poor plan

False sense of happiness or success

Something that is not understandable

25. “A litmus test” means __________ ?

A decisively indicative test

False sense of happiness or success

Something that is not understandable

To show dislike or disappointment through facial expressions

26. “when pigs fly” means ______?

something that is easy to do

raining very heavily

something that will never happen or is impossible

miss the chance

27. "cats and dogs" means _________?

Raining very heavily

Easy option

Very rarely

one who presents a counter argument

28. “Keep at bay” means ______________.

Keep in mind

Keep at a distance

Keep thinking about something

Keep at the sea-shore

29. "At the drop of the hat" means____________?

As soon as it was spoken

Done easily, without any preparation

Done in an instant

After something is done

30. “Your guess is as good as mine” means __________?

Join a popular trend or activity

To hear something from the authoritative source

To know the answer

To have no idea

31. “Wild goose chase” _________?

A foolish and hopeless search for or pursuit of something unattainable

To take credit for something someone else did

To not take what someone says too seriously; to treat someone’s words with a degree of skepticism

A phrase implying that one is not proficient at performing a particular task and that they should not try to perform the task professionally

32. “Spill the beans” ________ ?

Frivolously performing a simple task

Reveal someone’s secret

To stop something at an early stage

Frivolously performing a simple task

33. “Get your goat” means _____?

To pacify someone

To irritate someone

To soothe someone

To Hug someone

34. “Best of both worlds” means ________?

A phrase implying that a person is never satisfied with their current situation; they think others have it better

People’s intentions can be judged better by what they do than by what they say

A situation wherein someone has the privilege of enjoying two different opportunities

Just the information I have on the subject

35. “An arm and a leg” means _________?

Full throttle; at maximum speed

Very cheap or inexpensive. A little amount of mone

Very expensive or costly. A large amount of money

One made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic, or stress

36. “Achilles’ heel” means ________?

To action a task; to initiate work

A metaphor for a fatal weakness in spite of overall strength

A hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage

To endure a painful or unpleasant situation that is unavoidable

37. “A hot potato” means _________?

The one tiny drawback that ruins it

To go to bed to sleep

To find fault with something that has been received as a gift or favor

A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with

38. “Like a sitting duck” means________________?





39. blows his own trumpet


praises others

admonishes others

praises himself

40. In the armed forces, it is considered a great privilege to “die in harness”.

die on a horse back

die in the battlefield

die while still working

die with honour

41. He “passed himself off” as a noble man.

Was regarded as

Pretended to be

Was thought to be

Was looked upon

42. He could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in a advance. tipped off means _____________?

Toppled over


Given advance information


43. To smell a rat _______?

To see signs of plague epidemic

To get bad small of a bad dead rat

To suspect foul dealings

To be in a bad mood

44. A man of straw _________?

A man of no substance

A very active person

A worthy fellow

An unreasonable person

45. To put one’s hand to plough __________?

To take up agricultural farming

To take a difficult task

To get entangled into unnecessary things

Take interest in technical work

46. “Hornet’s nest” means:___________?

A bee’s house

A violent situation

A good situation

A dangerous place

47. To end in smoke ________?

To make completely understand

To ruin oneself

To excite great applause

To overcome someone

48. Pull your socks up:

To get ready

To finish

To start

To improve