1. I ____ for them but I didn't like the way they treated the customers.

should have worked

might work

will be able to work

could have worked

2. Felix ____ a successful academician since he has been offered a scholarship.


should be

must be

could be

3. The exam ____ very difficult, because the students were about to cry when they came out of the classroom.

must have been


should have been

may have been

4. If we had been too careful and cautious, we ____ the top of the mountain.

could never have reached

should never have reached

might never reach

would never reach

5. "I think this scarf belongs to Joan." It ____ to her because she doesn't wear a scarf.

may not belong

does not belong

might not belong

could not belng

6. "How old do you think Paul is?" "I've just seen his Driver's Licence. He ____ 27 ."

must be


can be

could be

7. The bus will leave at 5 o'clock sharp so you ____ late.


had better not

mustn't be

can't be

8. I ____ used to living with six people in the new dormitory room but it took time.

have been




9. Mary ____ taking care of herself, she can not live alone.

is not used to

gets used to

will get used to


10. When we were in izmir we ____ run in the morning throughout the whole summer.

were to


used to

might have

11. I ____ live in the suburb and I ____ afraid of dogs.

used to / would be

used to / used to be

would / would

would / used to

12. I ____ longer distances when I was younger.

would have swum

could swim


was able to swim

13. In her twenties, she ____ work in the garden for hours. Since the operation in her thirties, she cannot do anything.


was used to


has got to

14. Whenever I went out, my sister ____ take care of my fish.

had better




15. I ____ be at the station at 1 p.m. because I was told to meet the guests there.


have to



16. ____ we go to the cinema tonight. There is a good film on.





17. The train that my father is on ____ before noon.

must be arriving

would rather have arrived

is supposed to

ought to

18. ____ I write this homework again, because I've spilled water on it?


ought to



19. Dave is in Oklahoma, he ____ these flowers.

can't have brought

mustn't have brought

needn't bring

shouldn't have brought

20. In my first race I ____ complete the 10 mile running.


wasn't able to


ought to not

21. Even a dictator ____ govern by his own one- way inspiration alone, therefore, the totalitarian rulers get back the reports of the secret police.


has to



22. Until we have thoroughly understood this principle, we shall not know why we ____ value our liberty, or how we ____ protect and develop it.

may / would

could / are to

must / may have to

ought to / can

23. The totalitarian rulers think they ____ the freedom of an opposition; they exile, imprison, or shoot their opponents.

might not have needed

ought to need

wouldn't have needed

don't need

24. No man _____ care profoundly that every fool _____ say what he likes.

might / must

can / should

ought to / has to

can / had to

25. The rights are incidental; and though they ____ be preserved, they ____ be preserved only by regarding them as incidental, as auxiliary to the substance of liberty that ____ be cherised and

must / can i /must

shall / may / may

must / may / might

may / must / shall

26. You'd better ____ a rise in your salary. He is very angry now, it is not the correct time.

to ask


do not ask

not ask