Group B [6x5=30]

Attempts any SIX questions

2. Define protocols. Explain WWW and HTTP protocol. [1+2+2]

3. Define transmission impairment. Explain the causes of impairments. [1+4]

4. Define HDLC. Explain the HDLC frame formats. [1+4]

5. Define IP Address. Specify IPv4 address classes with their address ranges. [1+4]

6. Define Subnetting. Suppose you are given network address: and subnet mask: then calculate total number of subnets and numbers of hosts per subnet. [1+2+2]

7. Draw a User Datagram format. Explain UPD operations. [2+3]

8.Write short notes on (Any Two): [2.5+2.5]

a) DNS

b) Public Key Cryptography

c) VPN


Group C

Attempt any TWO questions. [2x10=20]

9. Critically analyze the OSI reference model. [10]

10. Explain the random-access protocols under the multiple access taxonomy. [10]

11. Explain the IPv4 Header format in detail. [10]