Group B [6x5=30]

Attempt any SIX questions.

2.Differentiate Object Oriented Programming and Object Based Programming. Explain some of the major features of C# language. [2+3]

3. Explain overview of Microsoft .NET framework and its components in detail. [5]

4. What do you mean by property in C# language? How it is different from method? Compare automatic property with other types of property with suitable example. [1+1+3]

5.Define constructor. Explain different types of constructors used in C# with example. [1+4]

6.Define inheritance. Write a C# program to demonstrate multilevel and multiple inheritance. [1+2+2]

7.What is generics? List different types of generic classes. Explain delegate with example. [1+1+3]

8. What do you mean by lambda expression? Explain different types of lambda expression used in C# with example. [1+4]


Group C

Attempt any TWO questions. [2x10=20]

9. a) Write a program to create user registration form in one ASP.NET web page and display filled datain another page. [7]

b) Write a program for handling exception in ASP.NET. [3]

10. a) How virtual method is used to achieve dynamic binding in C#? Explain with the help of suitable program. [1+4]

b) Define operator overloading. Write a C# program to overload binary operator. [1+4]

11. a) What is LINQ? Write a program to select employees whose salary is greater than 20000 and whose address is kathmandu using LINQ. [1+4]

b) Write a C# program to show insert and select operation in database. [5]