Group B [6x5=30]

Attempts any SIX questions.

2. How properties like ubiquity, richness and information density make e-commerce better than traditional commerce?

3. Differentiate B2C, B2B and C2C e-commerce with examples.

4. What is the role of information superhighway in e-commerce? List the components of information superhighway. [2+3]

5. What is international information system? Describe the concepts of outsourcing and offshoring in the system. [1+4]

6. Define availability, authentication and authorization. How they can be enforced in e-commerce security? [3+2]

7. What is e-checking? Describe its working mechanism. [2+3]

8.Describe the website design criteria that one should show while designing an e-commerce website.


Group C

Attempts any TWO questions. [2x10=20]

9. What do you mean by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)? How it works? Discuss the layered architecture of WAP. [2+2+6]

10. How important web contents are for e-commerce systems? Discuss their types. Justify, with examples, how web contents can be used to promote cross-selling, up-selling and promotions in e-commerce. [2+2+6]

11. Discuss in detail the security defends strategies that you can implement while securing e-commerce systems from security attacks and threats.