Group B

Attempt any SIX questions. [6x5=30]

11. What are the negative aspects of replacing humans with computers?

12. Write a paragraph explaining how information is processed by information system.

13. How are the multi-user databases managed by a piece of software?

14. Make a list of jobs suitable for robots, and those to be done only by humans.

15. What do you mean by virtual reality? How is it going to affect young people's attitude to violence?

16. Discuss some of the applications of AI programs.

17. What are the actual or potential applications of multi-media in industry?

Group C

Attempt any TWO questions. [2x10=20]

18. Write a letter of application for a job advertised in a national daily newspaper. Also, write your resume as a supporting document for the application. Follow the criteria of letter writing process.
Your department needs a new piece of equipment to perform work. Write a memo requesting for this equipment with a justification for its need. Follow the criteria of Memo-writing.

19. Suppose you represent the National Council for Educational Technology, and your boss has asked you to make comprehensive notes about the work of the Council. Explain in detail the works of the council. You may write your answer in the form of a presentation to be delivered to a group of teachers.

20. Write a summary of the text "Computer Network".
Mary Evans, Gerry Hasper, Matt Andrews and Bob Bolton are well known software developers. Do they think software purchases are getting what they need? What are their views about giving a better product to purchases?