Group B

Attempt any Six Questions

1. What is DBMS? Describe the merits of using DBMS

2. What is data model? What is the difference between hierarchical and network data model?

3. Why indexing is essential in database? Differentiate dense index from sparse index with suitable example.

4. Discuss about materialized and pipelined evaluation of query expressions in query optimization.

5. Explain with examples, how lost update and dirty read problems can occur in sequence of transactions?

6. How timestamp ordering protocol is used to ensure concurrency control?

7. What is the advantage of using stored procedure? How can you create and execute stored procedures?


Group C

Attempt any two Questions

9. Design and ER diagram for Hospital System. Use your assumption for the selection attributes, entities and relationships. Show the use of total and partial participation along with the appropriate cardinalities.

10. Discuss the importance of normalization is DBMS. Describe 1NF, 2NF and 3NF with examples.

11. Consider a database system with following schemes;
Restaurant (Rname,Rlocation,Fname)

Now write SQL statements and relational algebra statements for following queries
a) Select the name and location of all restaurants.
b) Find the working hours of cook name "Sita".
c) Select name of the food cooked by "Ramesh".
d) Use join to select name of restaurants where food of category "breakfast" is available.
e) Find the name of cooks who work as "KFC"