Group B

Attempt any Six question

2. Elaborate on the steps in feasibility of analysis.

3. Explain what is system and what are its characteristics of a system in details ?

4. Why is it difficult to determine user requirement? Illustrate the key strategies for eliciting information about user requirement.

5. Distinguish between system and user documentation and determine which types of documentation are necessary for a given information system.

6. Explain and contrast four types of maintenance.

7. Differentiate between questionnaire and interview Survey

8. What is difference between a 2NF and 3NF


Group C

Attempt any Two question

9. List and Describe the skills and activities of a project manager during project initiation, project execution and project close down

10. Draw context diagram, Data flow Diagram up to level-2 of food ordering system of Bakery Cafe Jawlakhel- Lalitpur

11. How can you transform E-R diagram into relation? Explain with suitable examples. A Bank has the following policy on deposits of Rs 50,000/- and above for five years above, the interest rate is 15%. On the same deposit for period user less than 5 years it is 12%. On the deposit below Rs 50,000/- the interest rate is 10% regardless of period and deposit. Write the above process using:
a. Decision Table
b. Decision Tree